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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against all forms of inclement weather.
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You probably know to get your roof inspected after a storm to survey for damage. Hail, high-winds and flying debris can batter your roof, loosening and removing shingles. It can leave your home vulnerable to water damage, mold growth and possibly even cause structural problems.

But did you know that shouldn’t be the only time you should consider an inspection? Autumn is considered an ideal time to have a roof inspection, before cooler temperatures set in. This is true, especially because icy temperatures impair roof repair efforts, preventing new shingles from sealing well.

It is important to get annual roofing inspections. Some roof manufacturers’ warranties even require it to validate the warranty.

The experts at JAG Roofing offer complete roof inspections. Roofs with shingles or shake, our professional inspectors will examine your roof for missing, loose or deteriorating shingles, water damage, mold and more. For metal roofs, we look for signs of rust, flashing and seams that are damaged or loose. We will also check the health of your gutters.

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